The Sri Chinmoy Centres around Australia have been offering FREE meditation classes as a community service for over 45 years.  All the instructors in Perth  learnt to meditate directly from Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) over many years and delight in sharing the wisdom and insights that Sri Chinmoy passed on to them.   During the classes many simple meditation techniques are practised so all participants can go home with the tools required to establish their own regular meditation routine.

South of the River: North Fremantle

North Fremantle Community Centre

2 Thompson Road

Monday July 5,12,19,26


North of the River: Scarborough

Scarborough Leisure Centre

Meeting Room 1, 173 Gildercliffe St

Thursday July 8, 15, 22, 29,


These courses offer you practical tips on how to meditate with guided instruction. Experience the benefits of group meditation and coming to a regular meditation group. We really hope you can attend. Each class is a continuation of the previous one, so attend as many classes as possible for maximum benefit.

As always, these classes are offered for FREE by the Sri Chinmoy Centre  as a service to the community. We have Saturday DAYTIME meditation classes in the city at the WA Museum for three weeks starting June 5th 2021 at 2.30pm if these evening classes don’t suit.



  • Yes, all the classes are always  free of charge. The Sri Chinmoy Centre covers the cost of the classes as a service to the community.
  • Yes, registration is required. (You just need to register for the course  once, not each session).
  • Yes, If you register for a class and can not attend we would appreciate it  if you can  inform us before the class on 61614156 or via the website.
  • Sure, if you miss a session just come along to the following session.
  • No need to bring a mat or cushion.  For all classes we will be sitting on chairs.
  • Yes, we have books and music by Sri Chinmoy are available for purchase at the class to support your progress with your meditation.
  • Yes, after the introductory classes we have further free continuation classes and group meditations.   Details are given at the final session of the course.
  • Yes, children are welcome if they are accompanied by a parent. They must be able  to sit still and quietly in a class situation though. If not, we encourage you teach them at home or have us along at their school.

See you at a class soon.


“During my meditation what do I enjoy? I enjoy the breath of my soul’s beauty.”

~ Sri Chinmoy