Special Events

Meditation Intensive with a brilliant guest speaker: Prachar Stegmann

Prachar Stegemann has been a meditation student of Sri Chinmoy for over 38 years. A concert pianist in his youth, he has carried his lyrical style and love of sharing to teaching meditation. He has travelled to over 31 countries and estimates he has taught meditation to over one hundred thousand people. Based in the ACT he is traveling to Perth in February to offer a meditation intensive. These free classes will run for the week of February 8  (minus Wednesday and Sunday) and will be held as a continuation series. Attendees are invited to come along for the string of talks and meditation for maximum benefit or of course you can attend what interests you. Visit our calendar page for more info and the link to register.  It will be like going on a meditation retreat for an entire week all while staying in the comfort of your own bed.


Art for Peace by Sri Chinmoy: Four Cafe’s for Peace

Cafe Cafe, Subiaco. Lunch Plus, Osborne Park. Wellington Dam Kiosk, Collie. Bocelli’s Espresso, Forrest Place, Perth.

A selection of Sri Chinmoy’s 16 million bird drawings and abstract paintings are on display until the end of April.

Coming Soon in March: Meditate at our new State Museum