Meditation at the Ellenbrook Art Gallery



Ellenbrook Arts is hosting some free meditation classes at their main gallery at 34 Main Street.  Topics covered include breathing techniques, concentration, visualisation, music for meditation, mantra, art and meditation and the ABC’s :how to sit, best times to meditate and so. The classes are for three weeks and commence on Thursday 27 October 2022 at 7.15pm. The meditation lessons are held for three weeks. 2 x Thursday sessions and 1 x Tuesday will cover new topics so try and attend all three sessions.  Registration is necessary via phone on 61614156 or online on our contact page.

Helpful Hints for Meditation

One hint for meditation is to chose a sacred space. Build up a nice feeling there. Set up a shrine. Treat it for spiritual activities only. Meditation at Ellenbrook Gallery will be really easy. The art up at the moment is by Sri Chinmoy. He meditates and paints at the same time just like he does when he plays his meditation music. This means you will be surrounded by artistic works of peace. This will be really helpful for meditation.  The gallery has a really peaceful atmosphere.

Another tip is to not eat before meditation. It will reduce you feeling of lethargy and make you more alert. Falling asleep is a common problem when  you are learning to meditate. Eating only increases the chances!

Lastly if you want to learn to meditate try it in a group. Group meditation is more powerful than individual meditation. It is easier. Just like exercising with friends is easier so is meditation but…your daily individual meditations are still crucial to establishing a regular practice.