Aloneness and Loneliness


Many of us have experienced and still experience feelings of loneliness. That is especially true now when the world situation means that there are so many restrictions. Depending on where you live, you cannot visit friends and family in the same city, let alone travel to another country. For myself, I always find it strengthening to spend time with positive people. I get uplifted, recharged, and I am much happier when I am around inspiring people. But when this face-to-face contact is no longer possible, when we are compelled to spend much of our time alone…

How Can We Avoid Feelings of Loneliness?

Sri Chinmoy writes:

Aspiration shows us the way
To leave
The pain of loneliness behind.

What does Sri Chinmoy mean by aspiration? Aspiration is an inner cry. We want to be connected inwardly with a higher force. And so, we go deep within and try to open our hearts. It takes time and patience, but when we achieve this feeling of oneness with a higher force, then we find that we feel connected to the entire humanity.

Throughout the ages, people have sought solitude in order to contemplate and meditate. At meditation retreats. In a cave. In an ashram or monastery. But in these uncertain times, we have the opportunity here and now, in our own homes, to focus on our inner life. We have been given a timeout from our work environments and our social interactions. So, let us make the most of it!

Sri Chinmoy reassures us:

Loneliness fades away
The moment we start living
Inside our heart-home.

What kinds of things can we do to maintain this connection with our heart? We can meditate as the sun rises. We can read an inspiring book, learn a spiritual song, recite a positive aphorism, listen to some soothing music or just sit in perfect silence. I like to read and sing out loud. No one is there to judge you!

To put it in simple terms, we can all take the time and space we need to find out who we really are and what we are doing here in this world. It is not a selfish approach. If we can improve ourselves and become better, more divine citizens of the world, we take a huge step forward. Then the world will also become a little better. This is how the whole world can change and how we can have more oneness. Change does not come from somewhere outside, but from change within ourselves. Gradually, we come to see that by focusing on ourselves, we are serving the world. This inner yearning for oneness with something higher will offer us an experience of fulfilment that we cannot gain from any social interaction. And at that time, loneliness will be nowhere to be found.