Going to a regular meditation group is really important to your practice of beginning meditation. Individual meditation is also extremely important, but having somewhere regular to attend, with like minded and inspired people keeps you uplifted. It is like anything else. If you exercise with friends it is easier, if you do yoga in a group it is easier, if you meditate in a group it is easier. You get strength from a group meditation and everything is of course better shared! Apps on meditation are good but it is not the same as meeting in a group or learning to do it with the guidance of real person!

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In Perth, the Sri Chinmoy Centre has a regular meditation group. Our meditations consist of silence, music for meditation, mantra and many other activities. We use a variety of venues around Perth, where we offer free meditation classes. If seekers who come, like the free meditation classes offered (which can be in meditation groups ranging from 10 to 100), then they keep coming and start attending the Sri Chinmoy Centre on a regular basis. There is no charge for our meditation classes or coming to our regular Sri Chinmoy Perth meditation group. In the classes you learn the ABC’s of meditation how to stop thoughts, how to sit, the best time to meditate and many different meditation techniques.

So what are the benefits of attending regular free meditation group or meditation session?

  • it is easier to stop thoughts and quieten the mind
  • you meet like minded people
  • there is more power in group meditation
  • many meditation groups are free (or they should be!)
  • you can ask questions and learn a lot more about spirituality and meditation

So start by coming along to some of our free meditation classes done collectively, in a group. They are usually one night a week for three or four weeks. Alternatively you can begin or continue your meditation journey at one of free weekend meditation workshops. It is like going on a meditation retreat without leaving the metropolitan area! Meditation can help you reduce stress, learn about spirituality and improve your health and well being. You just have to begin!

Our Free Meditation Class Calendar