What Type of Meditation to Choose?


You have decided you would like to learn how to meditate. Now, which type of meditation to choose — Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Vipassana, Open Mind, or one of the many other alternatives on offer here in Perth? The answer is: there is no simple answer. Each person is unique. You may feel attracted to one particular meditation path, while someone else will be drawn to another path. In order to discover what kind of meditation suits you best, Sri Chinmoy recommends the following method:


  • Step 1:  Try several different meditation classes.
  • Step 2:  Make a list of the different classes available, including those you have attended and a few extra you may have heard of. If the meditation class is taught by students of a particular teacher, then write down the name of the teacher.
  • Step 3:  Take the first name on the list and, as you repeat it, place your right hand on your heart. Try to feel the sound in your heart as you repeat the name 7 times.
  • Step 4:  Go down the list and, as you repeat the name of each meditation path or teacher, try to feel your heartbeat. Then give each one a grade. If you feel joy or delight, give a high grade. If you get no response, no joy or inspiration, then you can give a low grade.
  • Step 5:  This kind of intuitive and spontaneous approach will help you to make your choice. Sri Chinmoy believed that at a certain point, perhaps even before you have reached the end of your list, you will know for certain which choice is the right one for you.


Sri Chinmoy: “If you get a tremendous response from the name of a Master on the list, if you are thrilled all over, if his very name sends an enormous palpitation from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, you are bound to give him 95 or even 100. Then you know without a doubt that this one is your Master. He is meant for you and you are meant for him. If he is not near you, but in India or elsewhere, then you have to go there or, if it is meant to happen, circumstances will bring your Master here. If you are destined to be the disciple of a particular Master, God will, without fail, either take you to him or bring him to you.”


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