Free Meditation Classes North and South of the River


The year 2022 is hurtling by so now is the time to inspire yourself to learn the ancient art of meditation for today’s modern world. Our  October and November meditation classes get going and cater for those looking to learn to meditate both NOR and SOR.  The how to meditate instructions allow you to incorporate meditation into your daily routine, leading to more peace, energy, health and happiness. Choose from Fremantle meditation classes, Perth City meditation classes or Ellenbrook meditation classes coming up.


There are many techniques to quieten the mind and the four meditation series takes you through the basics of how to sit for meditation, the best times for meditating, getting started with meditation and so forth towards the spiritual side of meditation: concentrating, opening your heart, mantras and self improvement. Meditating in a group is much more effective than a meditation app. There is more focus and you get the positive atmosphere of the groups energy.


Ellenbrook Arts

Main St

Thursday 27 October, Thursday 3 November, Tuesday 8 November 7.15pm – 8.45pm


North Fremantle Community Centre

Monday 7,14,21,28th November 7.30-9:00pm


Boola Bardip WA Museum

Hackett Room 2

Saturday 12,19 and 26 November 2.30pm-4pm