Meditate into Autumn


We are delighted to once again be offering free meditation classes for the community.  The classes cover numerous meditation techniques and provide insights into the importance of a daily meditation practice.  Get some peace, light and joy and spread it around in Autumn. The classes are a continuation program so try and come to all of them to get the most out of the course and yourself.  Committing to something positive and helpful is a great way to get inner peace.  

There is a 3 week Saturday afternoon series at Boola Bardip Museum  in May or a Monday night Subiaco class beginning also in May, Scarborough and Melville in June and our special event, a week long intensive with a guest speaker in July.  Details below.


Boola Bardip WA Museum, Hackett Hall Rm 2. 

Saturday 14,21, and 28 May 2:30-4:00pm


Palms Community Centre Subiaco (Business Space)

430 Rokeby Rd

Monday 9,16,23,30 May



Community Centre, Room 2, 173 Gildercliffe St.

Thursday 9,16,23,30 June




Leisure Centre, Cnr Canning Highway and Stock Road

Tuesday 7,14,21,28 June


Week Long Intensive 19-24 July

Registration is necessary for the meditation sessions on 61614156 or via the contact form.



  • Yes, registration is required for the classes!  (You just need to register for the course  just once, not each week).
  • Yes, If you register for a class and can not attend we would appreciate it  if you can  inform us before the class.
  • Sure, if you miss a week just come along the following week.
  • No need to bring a mat or cushion.  For all classes we will be sitting on chairs.
  • Yes, we have books and music by Sri Chinmoy are available for purchase at the class to support your progress with your meditation.
  • Yes, all the classes are ALWAYS free of charge.  It is service the Sri Chinmoy Centre offers as a community service.
  • Yes, after the introductory classes we have further free continuation classes and regular meditation groups.   Details given at the final week of the course.

We look forward to seeing you.