Subiaco hosts Movie Night and Meditation Workshop


Subiaco Community Centre

203 Bagot Road, Subiaco

Friday 27 and Saturday 28 November 

Documentary Film about the World’s Longest Foot Race.

Q & A with world champion, Grahak Cunningham after the movie.

Friday 27th  November, 7pm,  is the PERTH PREMIERE of 3100:Run and Become.    Directed by Sanjay Rawal, this documentary movie focuses on meditation, spirituality and running. Rawal  follows Finnish runner, Ashprihanal Aalto, who is one of the world’s all-time greatest ultra distance runners and current world record holder for this event.   Aalto is a meditation student of Sri Chinmoy’s.   Sri Chinmoy personally encouraged him to run long distance as a pathway towards illumination.   Combining his meditation and  prayer with his God-given running gift, Ashprihanal runs for weeks on end to compete in the longest foot race in the world.

The movie also explores other traditions that use running as a path to self-transcendence.   The marathon monks of Mount Hie in Japan are Zen Buddhists who pray, meditate and run as part of their daily discipline. Employing their Buddhist meditation techniques they travel huge distances as a way to make spiritual progress. The Kalahari Bushmen from Africa,  use running as a transition into adulthood.   For them the art of persistence running enables them to hunt their meals.  And the Navajo, Native American people, who use running as a form of prayer to Mother Earth.

It is a remarkable movie.  A deep dive into the limitless power of the human spirit and the transformational power of long distance running and self-transcendence.

There is a small charge of $7 at the door (free for concession). You can register on our contact page or just come along.

Q & A  – after the movie with 2012 winner and 4 time finisher of the 3100 Mile Race, Grahak Cunningham.

Saturday Weekend Meditation Workshop

FREE Meditation Workshop Saturday 28 November 1pm-5pm, Subiaco Community Centre

The following day you are warmly invited to an afternoon  Meditation Workshop which will explore: the relationship between meditation and sport,  music and spirituality,  and inner peace and  life-transformation.   Attend both events and you will feel like you’ve been on a weekend retreat  – in the heart of Subiaco!  Come along and discover  a fresh new way of being in this world and take away many skills to help you bring more joy and gratitude into  your life.  Registration is necessary on 61614156 or via our contact page.   Afternoon tea provided.

There will be free follow up classes offered after the workshop.  If Subiaco is convenient for you, you can join the evening meditation classes offered for 3 weeks, commencing on Tuesday  December 1st,  7.30-9:00pm  (held at the same venue).

Or we also have free classes at other venues including Melville, Scarborough and Victoria Park.  Visit our calendar page for more information.