Free Week Long Meditation Intensive


The Sri Chinmoy Centre hosts regular meditation classes in Perth and to see out the 2021 winter special guest speaker Prachar Stegemann will be running a week long string of meditation seminar intensives from August 31 to September 5 at the Palms Community Centre in Subiaco. Please note Prachar travels from the ACT. Classes will go ahead with other qualified teachers if he is unable to come across.


The Sri Chinmoy Centre is a worldwide organisation providing free meditation classes, art exhibitions and musical concerts to bring more peace into the world. Sri Chinmoy himself taught Prachar how to meditate and he will be passing his knowledge onto Perth seekers wishing to learn to meditate. Prachar is a trained concert pianist and he brings his lyrical style, story telling and music to the classes .  He estimates he has given classes to over 10000 people in 30 different countries and always free of charge.

These classes are created to accommodate anyone interested in spirituality, inner peace, learning how to relax and mindfulness and they are hosted over multiple sessions to suit those with busy schedules. More meditation classes are to follow over 2021, for those who are unable to make it this time but try and see this as an unmissable event. Prachar came to Perth earlier in the year and over 250 people attended.

The classes are designed to follow on from each other and will address different topics that interrelate, beginning with Peace and followed by Love, Light, Fulfilment and Life. The classes on Tuesday,  Wednesday Thursday and Friday will run for one and a half hours in the evening and the final class on Saturday will run for three hours. Although it isn’t necessary to attend every class, it is advised to  help you make the most out of the series. Further free follow up classes will  be offered at the conclusion of the event. Registration is necessary.

Subiaco Palms Community Centre, 430 Rokeby Rd.

PEACE: Tuesday 31 August 7.30 – 9pm

PEACE is the thing we most need
which no one has; the first essential
need of happiness and progress.
PEACE in the mind is the doorway
to meditation.

LOVE: Wednesday 1 Sept 7.30pm – 9.00pm

LOVE is the essence of our being
and matrix of the universe;
the secret name of God.
LOVE is the key to success

LIGHT: Thursday 2 Sept 7.30pm – 9.00pm

LIGHT is self-awareness,
wisdom, intuition and illumination.
LIGHT illumines darkness,
transforms our shortcomings and
reveals our path to perfection.

FULFILMENT: Friday 3 Sept 7.30pm – 9.00pm

FULFILMENT is guarded by eternal
questions: Who am I? Why am I here?
Where am I heading? What can
I do about it? FULFILMENT is
our answer and reward.

Saturday 4 Sept 1.00pm – 4.00pm

LIFE is the meeting place of
our inner and outer existence,
our stage and vehicle for finding
and following our spiritual Path.
Action plan: start today.