Free Meditation in Freo


Fremantle meditation classes start on Monday 7th November at 7.30pm at the North Fremantle Community Centre. The meditation lessons are a continuation series and cover topics like concentration, meditation, visualisation, breathing techniques, mantra, spirituality and the goals of meditation.

The meditation sessions aim to inspire you to incorporate meditation into your daily practice and to help you get more inner peace and happiness in your life. They go for four weeks and are held every Monday evening.

Meditation in a group is a great experience. It is easier, more powerful and inspiring meditating together and by the end of the four week course you will learn techniques that add to your daily individual practice. The community centre is located at 2 Thompson Rd and is easy and quick to get to from Stirling Highway. Further free follow up classes are offered at the end of the course for those who are interested. Register if you would like to attend. There are chairs provided and plenty of parking onsite.

If you can’t make it or prefer daytime classes we also have a series starting in the CBD in November. Visit our calendar page for more info.