Free Meditation Classes during Spring: Melville, Peppermint Grove and Scarborough


Spring is a great time to learn to meditate. The Perth Sri Chinmoy Centre offers a variety of free heart-warming meditation classes around Perth. Topics covered include breathing techniques, visualisation, mantra, music for meditation and concentration. They also delve into Eastern Spirituality to help you find some inner peace for our busy western minds.

The meditation classes are held as a continuation series with each class offering new techniques in a peaceful and tranquil setting with like-minded people. Meditation is much easier and more fun in a group situation, there is extra energy and it much simpler to silence thoughts and keep the mind tranquil.  The class giver guides you through different exercises which  usually go for about 10-15 minutes.  They go through the ABC’s of meditation, the basics of meditation are all covered. like:

  • how to sit?
  • how to silence the mind?
  • how to get started in meditation?

Class sizes vary depending on the amount of promotion that goes into the meditation class and the venue. The classes range is size from 10 to 100. The Melville Classes are held in meeting room 5. Scarborough in Meeting Room 1. Chairs are provided and a class will usually go for 1.5 hours. Further free follow up classes are also offered if there is enough interest. These explore meditation further and inspire you to incorporate a more spiritual life into your routine.

Refer to the meditation classes in Perth page to view specific class times and venues. All the classes and meditation workshops we offer are free of charge.

Registration is necessary on 61614156 or at our meditation website.

What Does Meditation Do For You?

  • It really helps.
  • You grow as an individual.
  • You overcome and reduce your negativities like worries, anxiety and doubt. How? By illumining or conquering them.
  • It helps the world. Yes. Having more joy and peace helps those around you.
  • It keeps you inspired to stay fit and healthy. You become more aware of the mind-body-spirit connection.
  • It enlarges your heart. Quieten the mind, dive into the heart. It is full of good qualities that expand within you.