To get started and begin with meditation you can do a number of things. Most of the tips for meditation below are practical meditation hints and others are spiritual meditation hints. The main thing is to start. Do not worry to much if you can’t meditate at first. Get some regularity in your practice without expecting to much and eventually you will learn to silence the mind and experience meditation. As you get better at meditation you can try it in different scenarios: meditate while running, cooking and so on. But to begin with just stick with the basics.

Tips to Begin Meditation

  • Avoid eating before meditation: you will just feel sleepy, restless and lethargic if you eat before meditation. Ideally you want to be alert and vigilant.
  • Freshen up, have a shower, get in some clean clothes: again this helps you feel alert and refreshed. Have some specific meditation clothes if you are really keen. Loose, comfortable clothing works best.
  • Set up a shrine or set up a meditation area: an area inside that you keep sacred, tranquil and spiritual. Decorate your shrine or meditation area with a nice cloth, fresh flowers, a candle, anything that inspires you.
  • Burn incense, play some spiritual music in the background. Neither are necessary but if you like them go for it or…
  • Meditate in silence: make sure your meditation area is somewhere quiet and free from noise as much as possible.
  • Avoid lying down if you can: remember falling asleep or drifting off into a day dream isn’t meditation.
  • Sit upright: you can sit in the lotus position or cross legged or in a chair. Keeping your spine upright helps with breathing and energy and stops you falling asleep.
  • Meditate early in the morning: the earlier the better but choose a time that you can keep regularly. Evening is the next best time.
  • Keep your body pure: refrain from alcohol, drugs and smoking and try and stay fit and healthy. It makes your body more receptive.
  • Join a meditation class, a regular group or find a meditation teacher. Remember it should be free meditation. You can’t buy inner peace, you have to practice it!
  • Do not meditate too long to begin with: five minutes is fine. As you get better you can build it up to half an hour or even an hour of meditation. Quality is better than quantity though. Start slowly with an achievable length of time and stick to it until you can concentrate for longer periods of time.

Meditation is easy with a meditation teacher.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre in Perth offers free meditation classes both south of the river and north of the river. Most of the time the classes are evening meditation classes although a number of weekend meditation seminars and workshops are also conducted. Chairs are provided in the classes and all you have to do is bring yourself. Registration for the meditation classes is necessary though. Classes take the audience through the basics of meditation. How to improve your concentration. How to visualise in meditation. Relaxation tips for meditation and so on. Visit our calendar page for the latest list of meditation classes in the Perth metropolitan region or you can phone 616 14156.