London’s Devashishu Torpy is visiting Perth for a series of free meditation workshops. The 50 year old has been meditating since of the age of nine and has found that it benefits him in all aspects of life. An accomplished actor, playwright and speaker he is currently the European director of one of the largest volunteer organisations in the world, the Peace Run, a torch relay that happens in over 100 countries each year. He is visiting Perth after supervising the Peace Run teams relay run from Brisbane to Melbourne. Exclusively, his Perth metropolitan lectures will be the only places he will be speaking in Australia.

Devashishu learnt meditation under at age of nine from Indian teacher Sri Chinmoy and has been practicing daily since. “I find it gives me a lot of inner peace as well as happiness and energy,” he commented. Devashishu has acted in front of royalty, performed in front of rock stars and has also visited and lectured in over fifty countries around the world, sharing his insights into the meditation lifestyle. Known for his disarming humour and wisdom, participants can expect to learn practical techniques such as breathing and concentration, visualisation, mantra and music and how to live more in the heart. “I am really looking forward to coming to Perth. It has been so cold in Europe this winter and I can’t wait to visit the West Australian coastline while getting to talk about meditation which is something very close to my heart. From meditation we learn to stop thoughts, gain inner peace and access a deeper part of ourselves. ”

His Subiaco weekend workshop commences on Saturday March 9 at 1pm at the Palms Community Centre and continues on Sunday. His one off University of WA presentation is on Thursday March 7 at 5.30pm in Hackett Hall. All classes are free but registration is required on 61614156 or The classes are presented by the Sri Chinmoy Centre.