Free Meditation Classes in Melville

Learn to meditate in 2020 and get some inner peace. The Perth Sri Chinmoy Centre is offering free classes in February as part of a three week series. The classes cover the ABC’s of meditation and some of the topics covered include

  • visualisation
  • concentration
  • mantra
  • music for meditation
  • breathing techniques
  • how to have more inner peace


As it is a continuation series try and attend all three Thursday night sessions for maximum benefit. “Meditation is really important to get some focus, relief from stress and to grow as a person,” says class giver Grahak Cunningham. “It helps tremendously to develop inner peace and happiness and can help us in many aspects of our personal and professional lives.”

The classes are held at the Melville Community Centre, corner Canning and Stock Rd every Thursday evening for three weeks, commencing March 9 from 7.30 – 9 pm. Registration is necessary on


Why Meditate?

Meditation enables you to improve as a person, relax, let go of negativities and improve your overall sense of well-being. Through training and regular practice in meditation it’s possible to gradually reduce and eliminate negativeness we have and replace them with positive qualities we have.

Why Come to a Meditation Class?

Most meditators who are beginning meditation initially begin exploring meditation at the end of a yoga class or via an meditation app. Like anything (fitness groups, art classes etc) coming to specific meditation group gives you added strength and guidance. Almost everyone agrees, at least in the beginning, it is much easier to meditate in a group situation. You are surrounded by like minded people, everyone is on the same wave length and you are given some instructions that really help. You learn how to sit, the best times and diet to meditate, how to silence the mind. Many, many practical tips. It is important to attend regular weekly meditation classes, meditation seminars, meditation workshops or meditation groups on a regular week to week basis for this same reason. You get extra inspiration to keep the practice up. Of course ideally you need to meditate every day, so your individual meditations on your own are eventually become equally important. “What is meditation?,” says Sri Chinmoy. “Meditation is our conscious awareness of something vast and infinite within us. Meditation grants us Peace, Light and Bliss.”