Free Concert in Perth to Uplift You with Meditation Music

Maestro Sri Chinmoy  (1931-2007) was an internationally acclaimed musician, composer, artist, author and meditation teacher whose haunting melodies captivated audiences worldwide in the almost 800 hundred free Peace Concerts he performed around the globe, all of them free of charge, in the belief that the inner peace and happiness he sought to convey through music was everyone’s birthright.  He played at many prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House and also performed at Auditoriums, Universities and Schools, any places he thought maybe receptive to spiritual and peaceful music. “Music will play a most important role in bringing about world oneness,” Sri Chinmoy commented. “For music embodies the Universal Heart, the Oneness-Heart .” We are proud to continue that self-giving tradition by offering our Perth concert free of charge.

Music for the Inner Journey offers listeners the chance to be uplifted and enchanted with his compositions. He composed over 20,000 devotional songs during his lifetime and the concert features accomplished world musicians performing classical and contemporary arrangements of some of these songs. Together the performers have put together an evening that will create a richly diverse and inspirational experience.

Holland’s Vapushtara Jongepier began playing piano at age 6. He studied piano and jazz at a conservatory in the Netherlands and began performing the music of Sri Chinmoy in 1995. Vapushtara has orchestrated a number of major musical works of Sri Chinmoy as conductor of the international Gandharva Loka Orchestra.

Alap Jetzer is a Swiss award-winning multi-instrumentalist and new age musician who specialises in creating haunting melodies on duduk, an ancient Armenian double reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood.

Adarsha Kelly, from Glasgow Scotland, is an accomplished vocal performer who has sung in concerts around the world. An online website streaming his music has written: “Adarsha’s singing is something to be felt; it resonates in your entire being, until it reaches your heart’s core. Once there, it breaks open the door and moves you in your very depths.”

Monk Party is a father and son duo consisting of session musician Pragunya Myers-Daly and son Nelson. They have emerged as one of the best outfits of their world music genre around. NZ Musician Magazine has written: “It may be devotional, ancient, hauntingly Middle Eastern and involve (Indian) mantras, but ultimately it is timeless and true World music. Recommended if you’re trying to lead a better and calmer life.”

Monk Party uses a number of instruments darbuka, riq, frame drums, badhran, cajón, pennywhistle, nylon guitar, gongs, bansuri flute and Vocals. Pragunya has become an expert at the oud and it is heard in many of the songs. Nelson has been playing on world music instruments since he was four. “I was never pushed into to playing music but rather I learnt music like a language by always being around it and being absorbed in it,” he says. “Pragunya had a wide variety of types of music he played and listened to which has really helped colour my approach to creating art.”

They have performed in North America and Europe and collaborated with Krishna Das. Monk Party (and yes they are monks, practicing daily meditation to keep themselves in a creative flow),

Overall all the performers are offering music for meditation. Meditation Music is really helpful in helping to quieten the mind, still thoughts and experience meditation. The artists are touring throughout Australasia with the Perth concert on Thursday 14 November at 7pm at the Octagon Theatre of UWA.  The concert is free so come along and be inspired with the uplifting sounds of the international guest musicians and be filled with inner peace.  “Only soulful music gives wings to the heart,” says Sri Chinmoy. Reserve your tickets and hear samples of the performers at or phone 61614156 more registration also and more information.


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The Best Music to Listen to for Meditation

The Best Music to Listen to for Meditation

Music and meditation cannot be separated. If the artist is in a meditative or high consciousness it flows through the music adding to your meditation. Conversely if the artist is in a negative consciousness it will enter the music. No matter how melodic the piece is it will effect your meditation. That is why it is important to find some meditation music that elevates you and uplifts you. “Naturally, undivine music will immediately lower the consciousness,” said Sri Chinmoy, who played over 800 free Peace Concerts around the world. “But if divine music is played during deep meditation, it enhances the meditation. Soulful music will immediately help in elevating the consciousness. This is why we play music from time to time in our Centre…So, if you are fond of music, then please play soulful songs or chants during your meditations at home. Soft, soulful music will definitely help you.”

It is nice to meditate in silence also but meditation music can create ambience and block out some of the disturbing outside noise. There are many ways to use music to meditate to also. You can imagine you are a bird flying on each note of the music, being carried upwards and inwards in a vast sky. My friend who initially didn’t like music in conjunction with his meditation one day sat down determined to utilise it. He put on Sri Chinmoy’s organ music. It is very different. Powerful, inspirational and extemporaneous with no melody. He imagined that his body was a speaker and music was coming out of him. Two hours later he finished one of the best meditations of his life. You can also listen to uplifting music of a more dynamic type if you want to meditate while walking or running.

“Music keeps us alive. The sweetness and the haunting quality of music teaches us how to behave properly. Our inner music does not allow us to create disharmony. Music gives us the feeling of sweetness, tenderness and softness. The inner music always inspires us to do something good for humanity. Our inner music is a form of prayer and meditation,” says Sri Chinmoy.

A list of seven meditation music groups, meditation music performers or meditation music albums.

  • Sri Chinmoy: a master at meditation and a truly gifted spiritual musician. I have listened to Flute Music for Meditation around one thousand times and it is still inspiring. Nearly all the meditation class givers in Perth will play it at least once during the meditation class series.
  • Aum Ocean Meditation: Featuring the flute of Premik Russell Tubbs, the ocean in the background and Sri Chinmoy chanting Aum it is a frequent best seller.
  • Agnikana’s Group: We hosted this mainly Czech female group in Perth. Their music is outstanding and beautiful. You can listen for free on the link.

  • Monk Party: A professional father and son New Zealand duo that get better with each album (pictured). Their music is dynamic. Great for yoga, running, meditation, chanting, kirtan or driving.
  • Alap Jetzer: Playing new age meditation music long before it was fashionable, Alap often makes his own musical instruments.
  • Ananda: this British male meditation group have made their album free with mantric music notation available to boot!
  • Krishna Das: Playing devotional music, Krishna Das is a premier Kirtan performer and world renowned with his classic call and response chants.

The Perth Sri Chinmoy Centre teaches many different forms of meditation based on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy. Music features in some of the classes along with mantra. Music and mantra can help you focus and bring forward your inner peace. Particularly helpful if you have a busy mind. Visit our class calendar pages to find out when the next free meditation classes (both evening and weekend)  are on both North and South of the River or phone 61614156 for more information.